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The Oxford Encyclopedia of the Bible and Gender Studies

Editor in Chief: Julia M. O:Brien

As the first major encyclopedia of its kind, The Oxford Encyclopedia of the Bible and Gender Studies (OEBGS) is the primary source for scholars and students undertaking original research in the field. Extending the work of nineteenth and twentieth century feminist scholarship and more recent queer studies, the Encyclopedia seeks to advance the scholarly conversation by systematically exploring the ways in which gender is constructed in the diverse texts, cultures, and readers that constitute "the world of the Bible." With contributions from leading scholars in gender and biblical studies as well as contemporary gender theorists, classicists, archaeologists, and ancient historians, this comprehensive reference work reflects the diverse and interdisciplinary nature of the field and traces both historical and modern conceptions of gender and sexuality in the Bible.

Each entry includes bibliographic references and suggestions for further reading, as well as a topical outline and index to aid in research. The OEBGS builds upon the pioneering work of biblically focused gender theorists to help guide and encourage further gendered discussions of the Bible.

Published by Oxford University Press, 2014.

Table of Contents

Androgyny (OBSO exclusive)
Androgyny/hermaphroditism: Early Judaism (OBSO exclusive)
Androgyny/hermaphroditism: Hebrew Bible (OBSO exclusive)
Animal Studies (OBSO exclusive)
Asian/Asian American Interpretation
Authors of Biblical Books
Disability Studies
Family Structures
Gay Liberation
Gender and Sexuality: Ancient Near East
Gender Transgression
Historical-Critical Approaches
Imagery, Gendered
Intersectional Studies
Legal Status
Liberation Criticism (OBSO exclusive)
Linguistic Turn Approaches
Male-Female Sexuality
Marriage and Divorce
Masculinity and Femininity
Masculinity Studies
Material Culture: Ancient Near East (OBSO exclusive)
Material Culture: Early Church (OBSO exclusive)
Material Culture: Early Judaism (OBSO exclusive)
Mujerista Criticism
Political Leadership
Popular Religion and Magic
Postcolonial Approaches
Prostitution: Early Judaism (OBSO exclusive)
Prostitution: Greek World (OBSO exclusive)
Prostitution: Hebrew Bible (OBSO exclusive)
Prostitution: New Testament (OBSO exclusive)
Queer Readings
Queer Theory
Race, Class, and Ethnicity
Reader-Oriented Criticism
Reception History (OBSO exclusive)
Religious Leaders
Religious Participation
Rhetorical-Hermeneutical Criticism
Same-Sex Relations
Sexual Transgression
Sexual Violence
Social Interaction
Social-Scientific Approaches
Text Critical Approaches: Hebrew Bible (OBSO exclusive)
Text Critical Approaches: New Testament (OBSO exclusive)
Womanist Criticism

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