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The Oxford Illustrated History of the Bible

Edited by John Rogerson

Based on the latest research, this Oxford history brings together a distinguished team of seventeen scholars to present an authoritative account of the story behind the Bible, accompanied by an extensive collection of over 150 color and black and white photos.

Readers will learn how a collection of writings in Semitic languages and in Greek—writings that we now call the Books of the Bible—developed over a period of about 800 years and how—even before the Bible existed as one volume—its constituent parts were interpreted and subjected to a scrutiny that no other writing has had to endure. The contributors trace the routes by which the canon of Scripture was determined, the controversies over which writings should be regarded as authoritative, and which should be considered Apocrypha and hidden from public use. Other chapters describe how the writings were copied, translated, and printed over the centuries, and how they were interpreted in Judaism and in the churches in the East and West, and the final essays examine how the Bible is used today, from feminist criticism to the theological liberation movements in Latin America, Africa, and Europe.

Published by Oxford University Press, 2001.

Table of Contents

Old Testament, The
Apocrypha, The
New Testament, The
Hebrew Bible, The
Apocrypha, The
New Testament, The
Modern Translations
Early Church, The
Middle Ages to the Reformation, The
Reformation to 1700, The
1700 to the Present
Bible in the Eastern Churches, The
Bible in Judaism, The
Bible in Literature, The
Feminist Scholarship
Liberation Theology: Latin America
Liberation Theology: Africa and the Bible
Liberation Theology: Europe

Oxford University Press

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